GeoTekImageTek Mfg. has been working with GeoTek industry leaders for almost two decades. Our depth of experience allows us to understand industry requirements and to offer up useful solutions to overcome manufacturing challenges. Our printed circuit board and turn-key box build solutions provide viable engineering solutions to a variety of test & measurement products used in Geo Technology applications worldwide.

We understand that the stability of field test & measurement equipment is a top priority.  ImageTek Mfg. guarantee’s your products are reliable. Our assembly and testing process ensures signal repeatability and the integrity of the calibration, which ensures your products are offering up the quality and dependability.

ImageTek Mfg. manufactures Geotek products like…

  • High Voltage Probes
  • Vision Testers
  • Telecom Test  Equipment
  • Audiometers
  • Module, Calibration and Performance Testers
  • Earth Ground Testers
  • Handheld and Bench Analyzers
  • Full & Semiautomatic Functional Testers
  • Three-Phase Power Loggers
  • Handheld & Bench Oscilloscopes