ImageTek Mfg. Provides Leading Labeling System Hardware Solutions

Label Solutions for Printing, Laminating & Auto Apply

Among ImageTek Mfg.’s trifecta of quality operations, is an original equipment manufacturing facility whose ESHOT_2645work it is to produce reliable, stand- alone labelprinter-applicators, printer-laminating and auto application hardware. Serving a variety of industries from specialty foods to durable goods, these labeling systems are well suited for companies that are looking to take control of their labeling practice. These labeling systems are in growing demand due to their ability to cut costs associated with labor and production, as well as solving a variety of production challenges that can adversely affect a company’s bottom line. The following label systems are found among the companies top selling labeling systems, each providing a unique approach to on demand label printing.

The E-Shot Label Applicator

Designed to suit small production spaces, ImageTek Mfg.’s E-Shot labeling system utilizes o? the shelf components and integrates with a variety of label printing programs. Manufactured for reliability and engineered to require minimal maintenance, the E-Shot creates a rapid return on investment for manufacturers who perform manual, in-house labeling. Manufacturers who utilize the E-Shot on their production floor lessen the risks associated with work related stress injury and increase their ROI by decreasing labor costs associated with manual labeling practices. The E-Shot ensures 100% label placement every time.

The Protector 5 Printer Laminator

Manufacturers looking to source a cost effective solution to in-house print & laminate applications need look no further than ImageTek Mfg.’s Protector 5 Printer Laminator. More commonly referred to as the P5, this machine creates durable, laminated labels that will withstand harsh industrial environments. Operators simply place a roll of label media and a roll of laminate onto the machine and the hardware will print your label and apply the laminate over the media before slicing the label stock precisely to length. ImageTek Mfg.’s affiliate company, ImageTek Labels, manufactures a full line of harsh environment label media well suited to the P5 labeling system. The well-known EZ Pull™ film laminate protects harsh environment labels from heat, solvents, corrosion, moisture, as well as long term UV exposure. Literally hundreds of material combinations are available. Applications include: outdoor use, engine parts, underwater use and protection through painting and enameling processes.

The On Line Auto Apply System

Producers looking for track and trace or labeling compliance alternatives find viable solutions in ImageTek Mfg.’s On Line Auto Apply labeling system. This machine provides a reliable, yet flexible way to introduce print and apply production techniques to your manufacturing process. The On Line Auto Apply Series is designed in both standalone units as well as can be integrated with compatibility for more complex printers manufactured by companies like Zebra, Sato, Intermec and Datamax.  The On Line Auto Apply Series incorporates the versatility of modular bolt-on print engine technology and is designed for high-speed tamp-on labeling. Consumers can upgrade with an optional RFID modules. The On Line Auto Apply system earned its place among the leading label application solutions with its ability to print and apply labels at speeds up to one label every 1.5 seconds, making it one of the fastest print & apply options on the market.  The modular design ensures that the solutions can be tailored to your specific needs, using a compact design for convenience and safety. A wide range of standard configurations ensures minimum disturbance when fitting into your production line.

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