Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy Manufacturers

Serving the Needs of Alternative Energy Manufacturers

ImageTek Mfg. has made a niche in the Alternative Energy Industry by providing electro-mechanical and PCB solutions to industry pioneers over the last decade. Our versatility has positioned us with the know-how and expertise to utilize the best practices in manufacturing to achieve our customer’s goals and provide them with next-generation products.

By providing electro-mechanical assemblies and PCB’s for a variety of solar and renewable systems, ImageTek Mfg. helps power up forward-thinking products that are as revolutionary as they are renewable.

We are proud to be among those who continue to improve the quality of life for us all with new products and processes that maintain our natural resources and create a brighter future for everyone.

ImageTek Mfg. Supports Manufacturers of Energy & Utility Products like:

  • Flow Control Monitoring
  • Low Voltage Wind Generators
  • Solar Energy Collectors
  • Power Management Systems
  • Reliability Controls