Computing & Telecomm

Computing & TelecommComputing & Telecomm Solutions for Digital Markets

Computing and telecomm industries are faced with the challenge of remaining current in all aspects of their product manufacturing. ImageTek Mfg. manufactures PCB’s and electromechanical assemblies for use in a variety of digital products. The world of Telecomm is changing rapidly. Optical, RF data and advanced wireless technologies require special attention and are supported by the quality manufacture of components and systems. ImageTek Mfg. has the engineering and assembly experience to produce your products in a cost effective manner with on time delivery.

Outsourcing Helps Computing & Telecomm Manufacturers Focus on Sales

Whether you are currently manufacturing a product and are looking to learn more about outsourcing, or, you are planning to manufacture a new product and need a trusted partner – we can help. ImageTek Mfg. enables communications companies to scale their manufacturing capabilities, reduce space and save on capital expenditures that would be necessary for the manufacture of these products in-house. As a result of working with ImageTek Mfg., our customers generally get their products to market faster, with better quality while enjoying a more significant margin.We manufacture PCB’s for customers who make:

  • Radio Modules
  • High Power Amplifiers
  • GPS Systems
  • RF Systems and subsystems
  • Commercial Antenna’s