Why ImageTek Mfg?

All Benefit. No Risk.

Choosing the right contract manufacturer may be one of the biggest decisions your company will ever make.  Our job at ImageTek Mfg.,  is to make that choice as easy as possible for our customers. There are many things to consider when partnering with a contract manufacturer. ImageTek takes the guesswork out of the equation by clearly defining our core values.

Decreased Cost of Production

Save on capital costs and avoid investing in both space and equipment needed for production.  By partnering with ImageTek Mfg. you will also save on labor costs associated with production, training and benefits.


ImageTek has long standing and lasting relationships with our customers as well as economies of scale with raw materials suppliers, best practice methods of efficiency and various other resources that make producing your part much more cost effective.


ImageTek Mfg. is ISO 9001: 2015 Certified for Quality Management System. We maintain quality control practices with a strong  focus on continuous improvement. These quality guidelines allow us to troubleshoot problems before they arise, saving you time and money on parts and production.


ImageTek allows you to focus on your company’s core competencies while we focus on what we do best, manufacture your product.


ImageTek Mfg. works with leading global industries,  which in turn offers your company the value of saving on raw materials and related services.


ImageTek knows relationships are the most important thing. We strive for cohesiveness in all aspects, remain flexible and over perform. We works with suppliers whose core values are in line with our own and who can consistently meet our customers’ standards for quality and deliverability. That’s the ImageTek Mfg. way.


Outsourcing to low cost countries, such as China, has become increasingly popular due to low labor costs and other factors. However, international outsourcing also comes with great risks. Language barriers, lack of control and long lead times can make outsourcing to overseas manufacturers risky, expensive and time-consuming. ImageTek Mfg. removes risks associated with overseas manufacturing, keeping you in control of your product and deliverability.